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New Year, New Resolutions

Published by Megan on Sun, 01/01/2012 - 17:55


With the new, fresh start that 2012 brings, it's time for me to make a few changes! Obviously toward the end of 2011 I started neglecting this blog, but I also neglected a few other interests of mine that I really need & want to get back to now. So, I thought I should put a list of my goals for the year together, and then write out what I currently have in the plans to ensure that things are taken care of over the next 12 months ( & hopefully beyond! )

New Year's Resolutions 2012

*Read a couple of books a month*
Hopefully this one should be pretty easy now because my wonderful husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. In fact, since the holidays I have already read a handful of novels/novellas, something I hadn't done in the months prior to Christmas. It is so nice to just browse an entire bookstore of books and choose which one I'd like to read all while sitting on the couch! I love not having to trek out to the mall or the library. The downside is that it is definitely easier to spend money - I will have to keep tabs on that one!

*Take time each month to scrapbook and/or craft*
This is something that I have been slacking on for far too long. I have not set aside enough time to take care of my creative side since we got married. Hopefully I will be better about this once we finish some huge projects we have been working on around our house because it should be much easier (more to come on those big projects in the near future!). I am so excited!

*Update this blog on a fairly regular schedule*
Although I have no plans to update daily, because I know that is an unrealistic goal for me at this point, I really would like to get some sort of schedule worked out. Even if that schedule is three times per week or something along those lines. I need to figure out what I can manage and put it into action...

*Utilize the ideas I've pinned on Pinterest*
I have pinned so many great projects on Pinterest for various holidays, rooms, etc. and I need to remember them when I'm taking the time to be crafty each month! I just went through the ideas I have set aside for Valentine's Day so that I can keep them in mind and work on them from now until then. Hopefully this way I won't be rushing at the last minute to finish 17 decorations in time to celebrate with the family.

Well, I think that's about it for my short list of resolutions this year. What are you planning to work on in 2012? Happy New Year!

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